Easy Ways You Can Prevent Home Hazards (Starting Tomorrow!)

Many of us are stuck at home, counting down the days until life returns to normal. You may feel like it’s difficult to find control during this time and keep your family safe. In fact, there are many practical steps you can take to preventing hazards in your home.

The Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning and the Rochester Healthy Homes Partnership have come together to present several ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe at home:

What Can I Do Indoors?

  • Set your water temperature at or below 120°F to prevent burns.
  • Keep chemicals (cleaners, medicine, etc.) away from children. Store them away from food, high up, and/or behind childproof locks. The New York State Regional Poison Control Center’s hotline number is 1-800-222-1222.
  • Reduce clutter and make repairs to prevent falls.

What Can I Do Outdoors?

  • Find a properly fitting helmet for riding activity, no matter your age. New York State law requires helmets when riding bikes, skateboarding, riding on a scooter, rollerblading and skating up until the age of 14. 
  • The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Rochester provides free access to more bike safety education resources. Find more information here.

What Can I Do When My Child Is Sleeping?

  • Sleep babies on their back in an empty crib without blankets, bumpers or toys.
  • A baby sleeping or napping with a parent or sibling can cause serious injury, sleeping them in a crib is highly encouraged.
  • For warmth, dress your baby in sleep clothing such as a one-piece sleeper.

Are you interested in more tips and local resources for maintaining a safe home? Check out our comprehensive, Healthy Homes, Healthy Families resource guide.